Since 2000, the new METCHIM S.A. became a dynamic private company taking over the staff, tradition and abilities of the old METCHIM S.A. which had been in existence for over then 25 years as a government company.

The year 2001 represent for our company a new step in evolution and development, now we have an important objective: to create new products for our traditional customers and extend the aria of customers.

We have  a modern management system, who propose to have a new target: to provide professional steel works and services, in time and a good prices. 

We have 115 employees including  engineers and technicians and we provide steel fabrication services . The material processing services include: machining, sawing, punching, shearing, CNC oxy-gas cutting, MIG-TIG welding( authorized welders with Ghermanisher Lloyd Register, and Bureau Veritas Register), bending, blasting and rolling.

Metchim SA has acknowledged its product quality and technique from both local and international suppliers with the management philosophy of high quality production control and customer satisfaction, gaining certification of ISO (SR EN ISO 9001:2001 with BVQI) mark permission.

The company is located in Galati, near the Danube River, 250 km  far from Bucharest. METCHIM S.A. has four factories in a total area of 9,000 square meters spread in Galati which includes : production rooms, middle-weight equipment, service workshops, warehouses and storage yards.